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Vehicle Access - Dropped Kerbs

If you want to lower a kerb or pavement - to create a driveway, for example - you must employ an approved Contractor who, in turn, must apply for a permit from Operational Services, Roads and Transportation team.

Dropped Crossings

Residents must get permission to install a dropped kerb. It is an offence to drive across a footpath without an authorised crossing and a lowered kerb. The use of ramps or other obstructions on the road is not acceptable. To apply for a dropped crossing simply contact the Council and one of our inspectors will check the suitability of the location.

The maximum width of a dropped crossing is 7.2m (equivalent to 6 kerbs and two transitions). The following reasons are grounds for the rejection of a dropped crossing application:

  • Proximity to junction
  • Location in a parking bay
  • Length of proposed drive, which must be 5m from the footway to the building
  • An existing dropped crossing at the property
  • A grass verge wider than 2m

What should I do?

You can complete the online eform for a Vehicle Drop Kerb Request by using the following -  Dropped Kerb Request

West Lothian Council will not carry out these works for you, however, on occasion where we are carrying out major footway maintenance works directly outside your home then we may offer you this service. A charge may apply which can vary depending on the extent of the maintenance works and the specific requirements at each property.

  • Tenants must receive permission from the Owner/Housing Authority or Housing Association before permission for the access can be given
  • Planning Permission is required if proposed access is on to an A or B Class Road, Four in a block, or if a retaining structure is required
  • A Right of Access from the Council may be required

Applying for Permits

Once you have made your application a roads inspector will evaluate it and confirm if your application has either been approved or rejected. If the application has been approved then contractors undertaking works on your behalf need to obtain a permit from Roads Maintenance before commencing works. Before the permit is granted the Contractor must provide Public Liability insurance and prove they are a registered waste carrier.

  • A permit for a drop crossing is currently charged at £40.10, however for further details please contact us.
  • Permits are issued by email by Roads and Transportation Services.

Service Standards

We aim to:

  • Carry out an initial evaluation within 5 working days of receipt of an application for a drop crossing/vehicle access. This will involve an inspection of the proposed site to ensure the access position complies with the safety of road users. We will then respond to customers within 10 working days.
  • Where the application is successful, formal notification will be issued as above with an information pack giving standard details and specification
  • Issue the necessary permit, which will be made available during working hours at our business address, to the approved Contractor.
  • Inspect completed dropped crossings to ensure that these have been constructed in accordance with the specification provided.
You can make a Dropped Kerb request using the online form below.