Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance is a way of working out the maximum Housing Benefit for tenants who rent from a private landlord.

What is Local Housing Allowance?

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is Housing Benefit paid to people who live in private rented accommodation to help them pay their rent. It is usually paid to the claimant, but may be paid direct to the landlord in certain circumstances. The rates depend on how many people live in your household.

  • adult couple
  • member of a couple who can't share a bedroom because of a disability
  • single person aged 16 or over (including lodgers, friends or relatives)
  • disabled child under 16 who can't share a room because of their disability
  • 2 children of the same sex under 16
  • 2 children of either sex under 10
  • any other child

An extra bedroom is allowed if you need one for a:

  • foster child or children
  • non-resident carer (or team of carers) who regularly stays overnight to provide care to you or another household member because of a disability

Single claimants under the age of 35

Most single claimants, without children, who are under 35 years old living in private rented accommodation are only entitled to the shared accommodation rate of Local Housing Allowance (LHA), regardless of the size of the accommodation they rent. You will not be affected by this if you:

  • are under 22 and have spent time in care since the age of 16
  • are severely disabled
  • live with a non-dependant (someone over the age of 18 who is not your husband, wife, civil partner or partner)
  • receive employment and support allowance credits only (instead of contribution-based or income-based employment and support allowance)
  • are aged between 25 to 34 and have been living in a homeless hotel or hostels for three months and have been offered support to help you become resettled into the community
  • are aged between 25 to 34 and an ex-offender who is still considered a risk to the public.

Local Housing Allowance Rates

Local Housing Allowance is a way of working the maximum Housing Benefit for tenants who rent from a private landlord.

Local Housing Allowance rates will be reviewed annually each April. The April 2019 to April 2020 weekly rates for the 3 postcodes areas covered by the West Lothian area are shown below.

Local Housing Allowance Rates from April 2020

 EH postcodesML7 postcodesFK1 postcodes
1 bedroom£112.77£82.85£90.90
2 bedroom£138.08£103.56£115.07
3 bedroom£159.95£113.92£149.59
4 bedroom£218.63£182.96£218.63

Local Housing Allowance Rates from April 2019

 EH postcodesML7 postcodesFK1 postcodes
1 bedroom£98.08£80.55£83.91
2 bedroom£121.22£99.06£103.56
3 bedroom£137.87£113.92£126.58
4 bedroom£180.45£167.31£181.80