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Recycling Downloads

Information to download and print and some useful short videos which explain how recycling works

Information on what goes in each bin.

What goes in the blue bin [72KB]

What goes in the green bin [57KB] ?

What goes in the brown bin [80KB] ?

What goes in the grey bin [163KB] ?

Information on your blue and green recycling service - Blue and Green Bins Leaflet [3MB]

Information Videos

What Goes In Your Brown Bin?

What Goes In Your Grey Bin?

How is recycling processed? 

This video was made before the introduction of the green bins, but still shows the general process that your recycling will go through after it has been collected from your bin.


Eliminating Problem Plastics - WRAP UK Plastics Pact

BBC Scotland - Why is recycling so confusing? 

Why is it important to recycle food waste?

Why are there different recycling collection types?

Recycling around the home

How are cans recycled?

How are cartons recycled?

How are electricals recycled?

How is food waste recycled?

How is garden waste recycled?

How is glass recycled?