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Commercial Waste Information

The council no longer operate a commercial waste collection service.

Where can traders, businesses and other organisations dispose of their waste?

The following is a list of sites that have SEPA Waste Management Licences in the vicinity. Organisations should contact companies in advance to determine if they are operating, they are licenced to accept their waste and will accept the waste, prior to going to the sites:   Waste Management Sites [199KB]

Visit the Resource Efficient Scotland web site which provides information on re-use and recycling services in your area using the Recycling and Reuse Directory (opens new window).

Trade Waste Customers - Legal Obligation

All businesses, traders and other organisations have a legal duty to dispose of their waste and recycling through a registered waste operator.  A new SEPA campaign will target waste producers to raise awareness of how to stay within the law when it comes to the duty to recycle. Further details are available here:

Registration as a Waste Carrier

If you transport controlled waste within the UK in the course of your business, you must register as a waste carrier.  Further details are available on the SEPA - Waste Carriers and Brokers website (opens new window).

Commercial Waste - Business Resources and Support

The new Zero Waste Regulations require all businesses operating in Scotland to present key recyclables, specifically paper and card, glass, metals, and plastics for recycling.  For businesses working in food retail, food production, or preparation, a separate food waste collection will also be required. Changing the way businesses manage their waste holds money-saving potential, particularly by taking simple steps to become more resource efficient.  

Privacy Notice - Operational Services - Recycling and Waste - Collection Delivery and Enquiries [134KB]