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Terms & Conditions



West Lothian Council uses reasonable efforts to include and up-date information on this website. It does not however, make any representation as to its accuracy or completeness. West Lothian Council, its suppliers and other parties involved in creating and delivering this website's contents are not liable for any damages arising from use of this site.

Privacy statement
No personal information you have given us will be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes. Our policy is that all information will be shared among officers and other agencies where the legal framework allows it, if this will help to improve the service you receive and to develop other services. If you do not wish certain information about you to be exchanged within the Council, you can request that this does not happen.

Paying online
The service uses the WorldPay secure internet payment gateway facility. West Lothian Council observes all statutory requirements including the Data Protection Act (1998) in all its transactions.

To maintain the highest security standards this site requires access from the current version of browser. If you are accessing this site using an older browser (IE5.0 or earlier) you will receive an error message.

West Lothian Council also has guidelines for the use of its social media sites. Click here for more information.

Updated: 18/03/2013