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Local Government Election 2022

The Local Government Election which will see members elected to West Lothian Council, is to take place on Thursday 5 May 2022

The election took place on 5 May and the results of the West Lothian Local Government Election are available here.

33 councillors were elected across the 9 council wards as follows

  • Ward 1 - Linlithgow - 3 councillors
  • Ward 2 - Broxburn,Uphall and Winchburgh - 4 councillors
  • Ward 3 - Livingston North - 4 councillors
  • Ward 4 - Livingston South - 4 councillors
  • Ward 5 - East Livingston and East Calder - 4 councillors 
  • Ward 6 - Fauldhouse and The Breich Valley - 3 councillors
  • Ward 7- Whitburn and Blackburn - 4 councillors 
  • Ward 8 - Bathgate - 4 councillors 
  • Ward 9 - Armadale and Blackridge - 3 councillors 


Single Transferable Vote and eCounting

Councillors are elected through a form of proportional representation known as Single Transferable Vote. The results are not decided by "first past the post". The Electoral Commission and the Scottish Government have produced a Factsheet to explain the voting and eCounting system.

Because the voting system is different the way the ballot paper is marked is different too. Instead of one cross in one box voters  use a sequence of numbers, starting with 1, to put the candidates in their preferred order. There is no limit on the number of preferences - voters can choose to mark a preference for just one candidate, or all the candidates, or any number in between.

The Electoral Comission has produced a short animated video to help explain exactly how the Single Transferable Voting System works

Contact us

If you have any queries you can contact the election office  by email at


It might also be worthwhile to have a look at our FAQ on the Local Government Election where you might find your question has already been answered. You can access the FAQ via a link at the bottom of this page. 

Scottish Council elections: Thursday 5 May 2022
West Lothian Council has nine multi-member wards.
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Candidate and Agent Privacy Notice
The Local Government Election which will see members elected to West Lothian Council, took place on Thursday 5 May 2022.