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West Lothian Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23

The West Lothian Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23 is being delivered as part of the Place Based Investment Programme which provides local government with a share of £140M over 5 years to support and advance place-based capital investment and build on the strong partnership currently existing through the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF).

At the Council Executive on 8 February 2022 (opens new window) it was agreed that West Lothian's approach to the Place Based Investment Programme  would split the fund 50:50, with £500,000 going towards Community Wealth Building Capital Projects (for more information please visit the Place Based Investment Programme webpage), and £500,000 for the Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23. The fund was opened to all Community Organisations, the Public Sector and Community Planning Partners in February 2022, with a deadline of the 22 April. 

Projects must have been supported by or identified by their local community, as well as be ready to implement. The grant was for capital expenditure, and it is expected that expenditure will be met, or at least work or contracts signed or commenced, by 31 March 2023.


In April 2022 the final allocation was confirmed by the Scottish Government as £1,132,000 for 2022/23, resulting in a further £66,000 being available for both Community Wealth Building and Town Centre Capital Projects. 

The funding was made available along similar lines to the earlier West Lothian Town Centre Capital Funds in 2019-20 and 2020-21. As such the grant was made available to each community with 1,000 people or more, 50% of funding based on the number of towns (i.e. an equal split) and 50% based on the scale of population. The allocation to the 23 communities is set out below. At the Council Executive on 21 June 2022  (opens new window) an approach was agreed to allocate the additional £66,000. 



    It was proposed that rather than open up a new application process for the additional funding, that the following step by step approach is taken by Regeneration Officers and reported, for allocation by Local Area Committee at the next round of meetings due to take place in August and September:

    1. Where there are projects that the Local Area Committee was keen to support but could not support in full, or at all, due to a lack of available funding, the additional resources should be considered to increase the allocation to those agreed projects.
    2. Where the Local Area Committee has agreed projects that were allocated the full amount requested, officers will discuss with applicants as to where eligible additional works could be included and agreed what these might be. This would also apply where an application was approved on estimated costs but the actual cost of delivery is higher. The additional cost could be funding through the allocation.
    3. Where applicants are unable to identify additional works Regeneration officers will discuss with local community groups, partners and council services where there may be new projects/works that can be considered by the Local Area Committee. Officers will work with organisation to develop the proposals for the Local Area Committee to consider funding.

    For any queries please contact the Regeneration Team: (opens new window)