Residential Permits for Recycling Centres

Information for residents wishing to obtain an exemption permit for West Lothian Recycling Centres.

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Recycling Centre Entry Requirements

Recycling Centre Assistants may request valid ID such as a current driving licence or passport and recent council tax or utility bill  to anybody accessing the sites to ensure you are a West Lothian resident. All the details in these documents should match.

Anybody failing to produce the documents when requested will be asked to leave the site and return when they are able to produce them. 

There are Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and CCTV systems installed at all Recycling Centres which captures number plates entering and exiting the site to monitor vehicle usage and identify potential misuse by non-household customers.

Exemption - No Permit Required

A West Lothian household hiring a van will be allowed to visit Recycling Centres, as long as they can show valid ID such as a current driving licence or passport and recent council tax or utility bill, and a copy of the hire contract to the Recycling Centre Assistant each time they visit. All details in these documents should match.

Exemption - Permit Required

Liveried vans and commercial vehicles are not allowed into our recycling centres without a permit.

If you want to use a liveried vehicle to dispose of non-commercial waste you can apply for a residential permit. 

A Residential Exemption Permit will allow a West Lothian household to visit the sites 24 times in a year to dispose of their own household waste only.

Only one permit will be issued per household.

A residential exemption does not permit someone to carry waste from any other household.

Users exceeding the 24 uses per year or being suspected of bringing in material associated with commercial activities will be subject to investigation by the council and the information passed to SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) & HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue & Customs) for regulatory consideration.

Note that under current regulations maximum penalties for fly-tipping are £40,000 fine and/or up to two years imprisonment.

West Lothian households can apply for a Residential Exemption Permit by:  

A Residential Exemption Permit will only be issued once supporting documentation has been inspected and processed for approval.

Supporting Documentation

To apply for a Residential Exemption Permit applicants will also be required to provide evidence of:

  • How their business (if self-employed) or the business they work for is disposing of their waste. This information can be found on your employer's Waste Transfer Note
  • Their current employment status. If the applicant is retired or unemployed, confirmation from the Department of Work and Pension (DWP), or pension provider, on their employment status would be required to support their application for a Residential exemption

Additionally, a letter of comfort from their employer (on headed paper, or an email from an official address) agreeing to the use of the vehicle for transportation of only the employees own household waste would be required if the vehicle does not belong to the applicant.

Accessing Recycling Centres using a Residential Exemption Permit

Anybody accessing any WLC Recycling Centre using a Residential Exemption Permit will be required to produce:

  • Original Residential exemption Permit (copies will not be accepted)
  • Valid ID such as a current driving licence or passport and recent council tax or utility bill.

Failure to produce these documents will result in the vehicle being instructed to leave the sites.

Further guidance and site rules:

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