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2. Early Learning & Childcare (ELC) 3 and 4 year old provision Application Form

You can apply here for an ELC placement for your child.

  1. Please refer to the Pre School Admission – Policy and Procedure and to the Early Learning and Childcare (3 and 4 year old) provision and Wraparound Care Admission – Guidance Notes
    If you would like to save your form before it is complete, you can do this from page 3 onwards. You would receive an e-mail with a link back to your form, which would then be available for up to 28 days. After 28 days your incomplete form would be deleted.
  2. 1. Child's details
    1. Gender *
    2. If the child is a twin, triplet etc. please indicate by writing the appropriate term.
    3. Child's address
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