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Proposal to Establish Secondary Stage Education at Ogilvie School Campus

West Lothian Council agreed, on 29 May 2018, to undertake formal consultation on the proposal to establish secondary stage education at Ogilvie School Campus creating a (5-18) all-through school for children with severe and complex needs.

It is proposed that secondary education will be introduced on a phased basis, in line with primary (P7) to secondary (S1) transition requirements. This initial proposal is to establish a new S1 stage of education at Ogilvie School Campus commencing August 2019.

If this proposal is approved further consultation in relation to proposals to establish stages of education from S2-S6 will take place on an annual basis commencing during 2019.

Statutory Consultation

In terms of the Schools (Consultation)(Scotland) Act 2010, any proposed changes to a school estate in this case adding a new stage of education, requires Statutory Public Consultation.

The Consultation involves the parents/carers/children and staff of Ogilvie School Campus, as well as all other key stakeholders associated with the school and statutory consultees.

Consultation Paper

The consultation paper is available electronically on the attached link pdf icon Ogilvie School Campus Consultation Paper [913kb]  and will be made available in paper format.

Should you require a paper copy please contact Melanie Laurie, Education Services, Civic Centre, Howden Road South, EH54 6FF, for information.

Consultation Period

The Consultation period will run from Tuesday 21 August 2018 until Wednesday 3 October 2018.

This timescale adheres to the statutory consultation period for such circumstances which is a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks and include at least 30 school days

Public Consultation Meeting

Public consultation meetings give interested parties opportunity to express their views on the proposal.

A public meeting will be held in respect of this proposal at:

Ogilvie School Campus, LivingstonTues 11 September 2018 7.00pm

West Lothian Council Contact

During the consultation period any views on this proposal can be sent in writing to:

Melanie Laurie
Education Services
Civic Centre
Howden Road South
EH54 6FF

Responses can also be made by e-mail to

All interested parties are invited to submit their comments by close of business Wednesday 3 October 2018