New Build Council Housing

This section provides information about West Lothian Council's New Build Housing Programme.

Lot 2 - Kirkhill (1000)Background

December 2018 figures highlight that there were 8,454 applicants on the Common Housing Register - West Lothian Council, Almond Housing Association and Welso Housing Association. A slight reduction from January 2017. This indicates a very high demand for social housing in the area. The Council has a housing stock of approximately 13,000 homes, almost all of which are let out to tenants. As a result of the Right-to-Buy Scheme the number of properties in the council's ownership has reduced. The Right to Buy came to an end in Scotland in August 2016 and the council are working towards increasing housing stock to meet the needs of residents.

Map: New Build in West Lothian - Current and Future Sites

Use the map below to find out more about what we have built and where we are building next in West Lothian.  

Council Housing Phase 1 Map IconCouncil Housing Phase 2 Map IconCouncil Housing Phase 3 Map Icon

What have we done so far? 

New build housing is not new to the council. In 2007, West Lothian Council began a New Build Council Housing Programme.Two phases of building have already been completed. Phase 1, a total of 255 homes, and Phase 2, a total of 545 homes have been built, with the last site completing in March 2015.

Since 2010, total of 800 new homes have been built which means that West Lothian Council has built more houses than any other local authority in Scotland during the period 2012-2015.

A range of house types and sizes have been delivered including; flats, cottage flats (a 4-in-a-block with individual access), semi-detached, detached family houses and fully accessible bungalows. Valuable lessons have been learned from these projects and this knowledge is now being used in the planning and development of the next phase of new build housing.

Underway: New Build Council Houses

The Council is committed to building 3000 homes by 2022. More information on our current and future new build programme can be found here.

How to apply? 

New build council housing is allocated with a transfer led policy as per Section 5.4.3 (d) of the Icon for pdf Allocations Policy [731.52KB]. This means that where possible current tenants, based on individual needs, who have requested to move are considered first.

Please see the links to Council Housing Information and Applying for a Council House for more information.