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Fostering and Adoption

We care for West Lothian's children

We need caring and committed local people to foster babies, children and young people.

  • Some children need to be looked after for a few days or months.
  • Some children need to be looked after for all of their childhood.
  • Lots of different kinds of people can foster.
  • Foster carers can make a huge difference in a child's life.

We also have a Supported Adult Placement scheme where we can support up until 21 years of age if the young person is already looked after in foster care, or it is assessed they need a family based resource

West Lothian Council foster carers have to be approved.
Foster carers can come from all kinds of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.
Children who need foster families are aged 0-16.
Information on applying to become a foster carer.
Foster carers, their own children, and the children they look after share their experiences.
Family Placement Team social workers are happy to offer fuller information about fostering either on the telephone, by email, or by visiting you at home.
Thinking about adoption?