COVID 19 FAQs for Staff

Staff FAQs relating to the Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Key Workers

Am I a key worker?
Am I a key worker for the purpose of attending my place of work?
I am a key worker and work in a frontline service, what should I do?

Safety of Key Workers - You and Others

Who should wear PPE?
I have been told that I should have access to PPE but I don't - how can I access it?
Where will I learn how best to fit my PPE to reduce risk of infection?
I am protected with an apron and gloves however my arms have no protection and therefore can my uniform become affected?
There are different types of face masks.  How do I know which one I need to use?
Should I have PPE if I am working in a laundry dealing with clothing that is potentially infected?
How do I find out what PPE I need for my specific role and the environment in which I work?
As a Care Worker required to wear PPE, what should I do with my discarded PPE once I finish a visit?
As a worker required to wear PPE, I walk between visits.  Should I be required to carry multiple PPE for the full day?
I don't have access to disposable bags for waste, what should I do?
I visit clients in their home how do I know if they have symptoms?
My role is going into homes to do essential repairs.  Should I have PPE to be protected in the same way as health and social care workers?
I am a Social Care Worker visiting the homes of vulnerable service users.  I have noticed that District Nurses are wearing PPE but I have not been provided with any.  What should I do?
I am a street cleaner which includes emptying bins and dog bins.  I have seen an increased level of used tissues.  I don't have the same PPE as other waste and bin operatives.  Should I have this protection?
My employer has said they will adhere to social distancing but only when possible. Is this acceptable?
I travel and work with my colleague.  Should I continue to do this?
I am a refuse collector and there are a number of us in the refuse truck. This is not observing social distancing. What can I do?
I visit clients in their home and their family members are not respecting social distancing advice - can something be done about this?
If someone in the building has a suspected case, should there be any extra measures for cleaning put in place?
Are we taking any precautions in terms of employees attending and leaving work i.e. taking their temperature?
Even where I am not coming into contact with someone, how do I protect myself from contamination from surfaces?
How should I be cleaning my own equipment and vehicle?
I am a Housing Support Officer and have been told PPE is not necessary.    I can justify why I need PPE, can I request it?
I work in an environment other than health and social care, what PPE is required?  How do I access the PPE I need? 


Can I be tested for coronavirus?
Can a member or members of my household be tested?
I do not have symptoms but I am concerned that I may have been in contact with someone infected with coronavirus.  Can I be tested?
I am a key worker, how do I arrange a test for myself or a household member?
I am not a key worker, how do I arrange a test for myself or a household member?
What kinds of tests are offered?
I am not symptomatic, but have arranged tests for symptomatic members(s) of my household.  Do I need to attend the test site?
Should I attend work while I await test results?
If I test negative, can I come back to work straight away?
I am a key worker, will my line manager be told if I test positive for coronavirus?
Can contractors and part time staff be tested through the employer referral portal?
What support is available if I am having difficulty booking a test?

Contact Tracing

What is Contact Tracing?
I have been informed by a contact tracer that I should self-isolate, what should I do?
Could I be expected to self-isolate on more than one occasion?
I have previously tested positive for Coronavirus and have recovered, will I be required to self-isolate by contact tracers?
Under what circumstances will I be required to self-isolate?
Is self-isolation the same as physical distancing?
Will I be paid if I have to self-isolate after being contacted by an NHS contact tracer?
If I have to self-isolate after being contacted by an NHS contact tracer, will this count as sickness absence?
I have tested positive for Coronavirus, what should I do?
I don't have any symptoms but have tested positive for Coronavirus, what should I do?
I have tested negative for Coronavirus, can I come back to work?
I have symptoms but I cannot get a test, what should I do?
I've received a call but how do I know if the caller is a genuine Contract Tracer?

Pay and other Terms and Conditions

I have contracted the virus - will I be paid?
I have been advised to self-isolate - will I be paid?
I have less than 6 months' service and have developed symptoms, will I get paid?
I have been told to self-isolate as I am displaying symptoms and don't feel fit enough to work from home, will I be paid and will it be my normal salary or statutory sick pay?

Casual/Supply and Agency Workers

I work on the casual/supply list, will I get paid if my building closes?
I am a casual worker and symptomatic, will I get paid?

Attending Work/Self Isolating

I have developed COVID-19 symptoms, should I come to work?
What if someone I live with has been told to self-isolate because they are symptomatic?
One of my colleagues has gone home from work with coronavirus symptoms.  Do I need to self-isolate?
What if I have an underlying condition/am recovering from treatment?
Someone in my household has an underlying condition, should I stay home with them?
I do not have a diagnosed underlying health condition, but I am undergoing tests for a condition that would fall under the classifications, what should I do?
I am pregnant, what should I do?
My partner is pregnant, what should I do?


If I am working from home, do I need to record this?
Will I still be able to accrue flexi when working from home?
Will I be able to book flexi leave when working from home?
Why has the council's Scheme of Flexible Working Hours been suspended?
Am I able to work in a manner that accrues flexi time and take a day off?

Leave Arrangements

What if I have COVID-19 symptoms or I need to self-isolate during booked leave?
Can I cancel pre-booked annual leave as my holiday is cancelled?
Should I be taking annual leave over this period?
Is the annual leave year being extended or changed?
I am unable to return to work as expected as my return flights have been cancelled, what happens?
I have booked a foreign holiday, if I have to self-quarantine for two weeks on my return will I be required to use annual leave?


Will absence as a result of COVID-19 count towards absence triggers?
What happens if I cannot get a GP certificate? Can I self-certificate for longer?


As services work on contingency plans, can I be asked to work a different shift pattern to allow staff to be used where they are most needed?
I am willing to volunteer to assist with essential services how do I do this?


I am due to attend a council arranged training course should I attend?
I am due to attend a training course out with the Council, which the Council has paid for should I attend?
Can I continue to access on-line courses during this period?
Will I receive the appropriate training if I volunteer?


What should I do about meetings I have planned with others?
I am due to attend a meeting with other partners out with the Council, what should I do?
What will happen to current HR processes such as meetings for disciplinary, grievance, etc?


Are recruitment arrangements still going ahead during this period?


My colleague works for a different local authority and is being given different advice - why is this?
I am an unpaid carer, is there any support available to me?