Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information and Updates

Information and updates regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be displayed on these pages.

Council is focussing on essential services only

West Lothian Council is only focussing on delivering essential services due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID 19).

The council is concentrating resources to make sure vital services are maintained, with greatly reduced staffing levels expected in the coming weeks.

National modelling estimates that councils will see absences of at least 50% over the months ahead due to the combination of illness, self-isolation and leave to care for family following the national decision to close schools.

Essential services such as careline, social care, care at home, waste collections, social work, essential housing repairs and care for vulnerable people will be among the key services which are prioritised.To enable this, the council has suspended responses to enquiries or complaints about service provision and will instead be focusing efforts to prioritise our statutory and essential services

The council will continue to focus on our statutory duties under the Civil Contingencies Act.

We would appeal for residents to only contact the council only if necessary to allow staff to concentrate on the priorities. We thank everyone for their support.

Updates and information on the current status of council services and premises as at Monday 30 March 2020
West Lothian news and updates relating to Coronavirus
Please make sure you stay up to date with all of the latest advice and information by checking NHS Inform
Information for council staff
Information regarding funding support due to Coronavirus (COVID 19)
Updated on Friday 27 March
Update 30 March
There are many groups out there providing volunteering and we thank them for their efforts.
Unfortunately, we have become aware of incidents across the country where criminals have attempted to take advantage of the current situation by running COVID-19/Coronavirus scams, targeted in some instances at the most vulnerable members of our communities.