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Climate Change

Climate change affects everyone. Find out what we are doing and what you can do to help.

  • What is Climate Change?

    The Earth's climate has always changed, and temperatures have risen and fallen over thousands of years. However, the term climate change is usually used to refer to the much faster rate of change which has been occurring over the past century as a result of human activity.

  • Climate Change in West Lothian

    We are already feeling the effects of climate change in Scotland, with rising temperatures and more frequent storms impacting on many aspects of society, including health, agriculture, buildings, water resources and energy demands.

  • Climate change - what are we doing?

    Reducing the carbon emissions from the council's own activities and services and contributing to the organisation being able to lead other partner organisations and businesses within West Lothian to achieve similar reductions.

  • Community action for climate change

    The only way we're going to reduce carbon emissions, minimise the adverse effects of climate change and achieve a better quality of life is if we all take action.

  • Climate Change news and events

    Find out ways you can get involved in climate change

  • Council Action on Climate Change

    Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Scotland is a global leader in addressing this challenge and West Lothian Council is playing its part by taking measures to help mitigate and adapt to it.