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Planning Services for Children, Young People and Families - Consultation

The joint Children's Services Plan 2017-20 outlines the work of the West Lothian Children and Families Strategic Planning Group and follows an outcome based approach to planning as led by the West Lothian Community Planning Partnership.

The plan is a continuation of the previous Integrated Children's Services Plan 2012-18, revised to take account of new requirements under parts 1 & 3 of the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. We have also developed a separate joint West Lothian Corporate Parenting Plan in accordance with part 9 of the Act.

The publication of these two plans marks the start of a comprehensive review of partnership service planning and delivery for children's services which will result in further refinement to the plans and the development of a strategic commissioning plan for children's services for 2018-19.

Please participate in the planning process

During Spring 2017, we are holding a public consultation about the plans. We would like to hear the views of children, young people, families and staff about the approach that we are taking and about the priorities we have identified so far.  We are seeking your comments now on the Children's Services Plan and the Corporate Parenting Plan.

Children's Services Plan

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You can also make your views known at any time by emailing:

Corporate Parenting Plan

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You can take part in an online survey now 

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