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Return to School - August 2020

Face coverings update - from Monday 31 August

New national guidance on the wearing of face coverings in schools and on school transport has been issued by the Scottish Government.

The new national guidance is that from Monday 31 August 2020 face coverings should be worn

  • where adults and young people in secondary schools are moving about the school in corridors and confined communal areas (including toilets) where physical distancing and maintaining appropriate distance is particularly difficult; 
  • where adults and children and young people aged 5 and over are travelling on dedicated school transport

Face coverings should cover the mouth, nose and chin. It is recommended they are made of cloth or other textiles and should be two, and preferably three layers thick.

Existing guidance that face coverings do not need to be worn in classrooms or other learning and teaching environments still applies.

Face coverings should also be worn by adults where they cannot keep 2m distance and are interacting face-to-face for a sustained period (about 15 minutes or more) with other adults and/or children and young people.

Any staff member who wishes to wear a face covering in school is permitted to do so.

Some individuals are exempt from wearing face covering for a variety of reasons and we would encourage everyone to be understanding of individual circumstances.

Staff and pupils who require face coverings should bring their own with them. Anyone who does not have their own face covering, or has any issues with it, should speak to their school.

Safely wearing face coverings

  • Face coverings should not be shared, and hands should be cleaned by washing with soap and water or hand sanitiser and before putting on or removing the face covering
  • Face covering must be the right size to cover the nose, mouth and chin. Children should be taught how to wear the face covering properly, including not touching the front and not pulling it under the chin or into their mouth.
  • When temporarily storing a face covering (e.g. during classes), it should be placed in a washable, sealed bag or container. Avoid placing it on surfaces, due to the possibility of contamination.
  • Re-usable face coverings should be washed after each day of use at 60 degrees centigrade or in boiling water.

More details at Scottish Government - Coronavirus advice for schools


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