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Festive Safety

How to keep yourself and others safe over the festive period.

  • Help and support for those suffering from stress and victims of abuse

    The pressure of the festive season can cause serious issues for families and people living on their own. Whether it is the additional stress of money, too much drink, the task of trying to make sure everyone is having fun or feelings of isolation - support is available.

  • Festive Fire Safety Advice

    With the festive season upon us, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are reminding people to stay fire safe throughout this period. As well as being a time to celebrate with family and friends, it is also a time to be vigilant and to take the time to review fire safety in your home.

  • Beware of Festive Fakes

    With the Festive season approaching, West Lothian Council's Trading Standards officers are advising consumers in West Lothian to be alert as to counterfeit goods.

  • Party Safe

    Socialising can be a major part of Christmas and New Year Festivities

  • Be a Good Neighbour

    Parties can be great fun for some people but a nightmare for others