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Better Off: West Lothian Anti-Poverty Strategy

Better Off is the Community Planning Partnership's approach to tackling poverty in West Lothian.

The anti-poverty strategy was developed in 2012 and sets out a plan to address poverty over a five year period between 2012 and 2017. 

Actions to tackle poverty are reviewed every year and an annual action plan is linked to seven key priority areas:

  • Income and Financial Inclusion
  • Employability and Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Community
  • Tackling Inequality

As the current strategy reaches the end of it's strategic period, it will be reviewed and refreshed to take account of the changing nature of poverty and the issues of most importance in West Lothian in the near future. 

Consultation on the Anti-Poverty Strategy 

In order to make sure that the approach and priorities of the anti-poverty strategy meet the needs of our local communities, a period of consultation will take place between October and November 2017. The Anti-Poverty Strategy Development Group made up of representatives from key council services and third sector partners will work to gather thoughts and information from many sources including individuals who have experienced poverty or know someone who has been affected by poverty, local community group and services or organisations working to support people experiencing poverty

A consultation toolkit has been developed to allow local groups to facilitate and record a discussion about topics of interest. Resources can be found in the related documents section of the website and include:

  • A copy of the current Better Off: West Lothian Anti-Poverty Strategy
  • A poverty profile of key facts and figures about West Lothian
  • Factsheets on a range of topics such as child poverty, food poverty or fuel poverty
  • Guidance for discussion group facilitators
  • A template to record details of your group discussion

If you are interested in taking part in the consultation and would like to facilitate a discussion with your local group, you can contact the Anti-Poverty Strategy Development Group through the Advice Shop by calling 01506 283000 (option 4) or by email at 

Feedback from your group discussion can also be sent to