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Individual Health Care Plans and Forms

Individual Healthcare Plans and Forms

Guidance on Healthcare Procedures

word icon The Handbook of Procedures for the Management of Pupils with Healthcare Needs in Educational Establishments [256kb]

Flowcharts for Managing Pupils' Healthcare Needs in West Lothian

word icon App 1_Flowchart for Managing Pupils' Healthcare Needs [106kb]

word icon App 2_Flowchart and Form 14a for Complex or Multiple Conditions [100kb]

Request Forms and Individual Healthcare Plans

word icon App 3_Form 1_Non-prescribed medication [69kb]

word icon App 4_Form 2_Short-term prescribed medication [71kb]

word icon App 5_Form 3_Long-term prescribed medication [71kb]

word icon App 6_Form 4_Long-term 'as required' medication [74kb]

word icon App 12_Form 6_Individual Healthcare Plan_Short-term healthcare not requiring medication [39kb]

word icon App 13_Form 7_Severe Allergies [143kb]

word icon App 14_Form 8_Eczema [89kb]

word icon App 15_Form 9a & 9b_Asthma [117kb]

word icon App 16_Form 10_Epilepsy [171kb]

word icon App_17_Form_11a_Diabetes_'640G'_Insulin_Pump_Oct 2019 [520kb]

word icon App 17_Form 11a(i)_Diabetes_CGM for '640G' Insulin Pump [70kb]

word icon App 17_Form 11b_Diabetes_Insulin Injections [128kb]

word icon App_17_Form_11c_Diabetes_'Veo'_Insulin_Pump_Oct 2019 [161kb]

word icon App 17_Form 11c(i)_Diabetes_CGM for 'Veo' Insulin Pump [68kb]

word icon App 17_Form 11d_Diabetes_FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring [80kb]

word icon App_17_Form_11e_Diabetes_'670G'_Insulin_Pump_Oct 2019 [554kb]

word icon App 18_Cystic Fibrosis (Information) [65kb]

word icon App 24_Form 13_Medication to be carried and self-administered [68kb]

Communication to Parents/Carers Regarding Supply of Medication

word icon App 7_Form 5a_Notice that medication needs replenishing [67kb]

word icon App 8_Form 5b_Notice that medication is out of date [67kb]

word icon App 9_Request to collect medication from school [65kb]

Recording Templates

word icon App 10a_School Medication Administration Record [68kb]

word icon App 10b_School Medication Administration Record_Early Years Centre-Nursery [69kb]

word icon App 11_School Medication Record for Methylphenidate [69kb]

word icon App 19_Staff Training Records [76kb]

Emergency Procedures

word icon App 20a_Procedure to call emergency services [65kb]

word icon App 20b_Form 12_Emergency incident report [67kb]

Generic Symptom and Action Flowcharts for Asthma and Severe Allergies

word icon App 21_Generic Symptom and Action Flowcharts for Asthma and Severe Allergies [134kb]

Therapy Intervention

word icon App 22_Procedure for recording the explanation and demonstration of Therapy Intervention [68kb]

Risk Assessment

word icon App 23_Help Sheet on Accessing Risk Assessment Audit on RIVO [255kb]

Quality Assurance

word icon App 25_Completing a School Medication Audit [1Mb]