C18 near Torphichen - Road Closure 6 Phases (Monday 11 Jan 2021)

The C18 will be closed in 6 phases from the junction with the B792 at Slackend, Torphichen to the junction with the C21 north of Dechmont for carriageway repairs

Phase 1: B792 to the C17

Phase 2: C17 to C9

Phase 3: C9 to U14

Phase 4: U14 to U15

Phase 5: U15 to U15

Phase 6: U15 to C21

  • The closure will be in place from 12.01am on Monday 11 January until 11.59pm on Monday 1 March 2021


Phase 1: C17 and B792 and Vice Versa

Phase 2: C17, U14, C18 and Vice Versa

Phase 3: C18, C17 and U14 and Vice Versa

Phase 4: U14, C17, U14, U15 and C18 and Vice Versa

Phase 5: U15, C21 and C18 and Vice Versa

Phase 6: C18, U15 and C21 and Vice Versa

Closure Maps

Phase 1

C18 Phase 1

Phase 2

C18 Phase 2

Phase 3

C18 Phase 3

Phase 4

C18 Phase 4

Phase 5

C18 Phase 5

Phase 6

C18 Phase 6