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Road Developments and Improvements

Information on new road developments, road construction contents, improvements to roads, footpaths and cyclepaths, private road maintenance and dropped kerbs.

  • New Road and Footpath Developments

    Roads and Transportation, Development Planning team is responsible for a range of related services for new development proposals ranging in size and type from single house plots to major residential, industrial and retail developments.

  • Road Construction Consent

    West Lothian Council requires that anyone wishing to construct a new road or extend an existing road must obtain Road Construction Consent in accordance with Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.

  • Private roads to adoptable standards

    The making up of private roads to adoptable standards

  • Dropped Kerbs

    If you want to lower a kerb or pavement - to create a driveway, for example - you must employ an approved Contractor who, in turn, must apply for a permit from Operational Services, Roads and Transportation team.