Early Learning and Childcare Terms and Holidays 2020/2021

The Early Learning and Childcare session is divided into three terms beginning in August, January and April.

This applies to all West Lothian council-run establishments except Dechmont Infant School Nursery Class, Westfield Primary Nursery Class and Torphichen Primary Nursery Class, who should follow the School Terms and Holidays 2020/2021 Please note that nursery pupils may also attend on staff in-service days.

Term 1

Staff resumeTuesday, 11 August 2020
Pupils ResumeWednesday, 12 August 2020
Last Day of Term
All breakTuesday, 22 December 2020

Term 2

All resume Tuesday,  5 January 2021
Last Day of Term
All breakThursday, 1 April 2021

Term 3

All ResumeTuesday, 6 April 2021
May Holiday
All breakFriday, 30 April 2021
All resumeTuesday, 4 May 2021

Early Learning and Childcare establishments remain open throughout the summer holiday, new session begins on Monday 16 August 2021