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Audit, Inspections, and Awards

West Lothian Council services are regularly assessed for quality, impact and efficiency. Audit, Inspections and Awards help the council to understand how we can improve.


Accounts Commission are statutory bodies who make sure that the council spends money properly, efficiently and effectively. They are responsible for conducting the council's audit of best value and community planning and for monitoring the data within the annual Statutory Performance Indicator (SPI) return.  Audits check whether the council manages their finances to the highest standards, and achieve the best practice value for public money.

Education Scotland aims to provide assurance on the quality of Scottish education and promote improvement and innovation to enhance learners' experiences and lead to better outcomes.

Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland purpose is to provide assurance and protection for people who use care, social work and children's services.

The Scottish Housing Regulator  regulates to protect the interests of tenants, homeless people and others who use the services provided by social landlords.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) aims to improve the quality of health care in Scotland by setting and monitoring standards for NHS Scotland and its partners.

Awards that recognise the best achievements for our council services.

Other Assessment Bodies

West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM)

West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM) is the council's self-assessment framework.  This helps services to challenge and improve performance.   The WLAM, created by West Lothian Council and partner agencies Quality Scotland and Investors in People Scotland, is now known as the Public Service Improvement Framework and is used by other public and third sector organisations in Scotland.

Service will assess using evidence, performance information and feedback from customers, partners, stakeholders and employees, to answer a set of questions or statements, in order to identify:

  • Where the problems in the service are
  • How customers, employees, partners and stakeholders feel about the service
  • How the service performs and how this performance compares to others
  • Where things can be improved

Self assessment is an important part of the council's improvement strategy, as it encourages innovation from within and involves our strongest asset in the process, our people. 

Citizens Led Inspection (CLI)

Citizen Led Inspections (CLI) is a programme of inspection of council services using lay inspectors from our community.  This award winning initiative is a council designed programme that encourages our community to get involved in improving and re-designing council services. 

Customer Service Excellence (CSE)

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) was developed to offer services a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within the organisation and is used as Best Practice within the organisation. In 2016, West Lothian Council retained the Corporate CSE accreditation.