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Performance management is the way that West Lothian Council measures achievement in key activities and processes. It helps us to track the progress we are making in our key outcomes and priorities and to demonstrate that we are delivering services efficiently and effectively.

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Annual Performance Report (Factfile)

West Lothian Council's Annual Report 'Factfile' provides an overview of key council activities and achievements in eight priority areas.

These eight priorities are the focus for all council services for the period 2018/19 to 2022/23 - set out in our Corporate Plan - as we work together to deliver better outcomes for West Lothian. The council is committed to making West Lothian a better place in which to live, work, do business and visit. Factfile provides a summary of council performance and details of the significant progress we have made each year.

Service Performance

A range of performance information is published on all council services, this includes:

Customer satisfaction with the service:

We consult with customers on the services and the quality of the service that they receive from the council.   This information that customers provide is used to identify ways to improve our services.  Measurable indicators of customer satisfaction are also tracked and monitored from surveys with customers, demonstrating if we are providing high quality customer-focused services to customers.

How we perform against Service Standards:

Service Standards are the promises that the council makes to our customers about the quality of the service that we will deliver.  The standards set out what customers accessing our services should expect regarding the customer service, timeliness and overall quality.

We monitor our performance against the standards with customer satisfaction results and the measurable aspects of service provision, such as time taken to deliver services and the number of complaints received or upheld.

The efficiency of the service:

The council has a responsibility to achieve value for money and report our performance in this to the public, explaining how efficiently we deliver services.   There are different ways to determine the efficiency of a service and the council uses a range of indicators.  This will include indicators measuring the unit cost of services or indicators measuring productivity.  This information is used to increase efficiency and also to compare the cost and efficiency of our services with other similar services.

The impact of the service:

The council has set challenging outcomes and priorities for West Lothian with our Community Planning Partners.  Each service will contribute to achieving those outcomes and priorities and the impact of a service is determined by the ongoing measurement of key activities and processes that they deliver.

How are our services performing?

A standard report layout has been designed to display indicators categorised by Customer Satisfaction (6a), Service Standard (6b), Efficiency (9a) and Effectiveness (9b).

Where possible we provide comparisons with other comparator authorities and services.

Customer Services
Environmental and Regulatory Services
Housing and Homelessness
Leisure and Community
Social Services
Support/Internal Services


West Lothian Council is committed to providing high quality customer services.

We value complaints and use the information from them to help with our services.  If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.

The council's pdf icon annual complaints performance report [143kb] provides information on customer complaints.  The indicators covered within this report were created to provide a useful tool that the council and the public can use to judge objectively how well complaints are being handled and how it informs service improvement activity.

Statutory Indicators:

The council provides a pdf icon full report on West Lothian Council's Specified Performance Indicators (SPIs) [424kb]. These indicators are measured by all Scottish authorities and are reported to the Improvement Service annually.  This report sets out the council's 2016/17 performance.

From 2013/14 all council performance information will be reported through the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

Full comparative information across Scottish local authorities can be found on Audit Scotland's website.  This information is updated by January each year for the previous financial year period.

Public Performance Reporting

The council provides performance information to the public which covers a range of corporate management themes.

The following themes provide an overview of performance within West Lothian and each indicator includes a short explanatory note.