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New Road, Footpath and Cyclepath Improvements

The following details the proposed New Road, Footpath and Cyclepath Improvements works within West Lothian.

Community Links Projects 

The council is continuing its partnership with Sustrans (Scotland) in funding for Community Link Projects which enables the council to develop and deliver a variety of cycling/walking related projects.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Link the places people live in with the places they want to get to
  • Encourage people to cycle or use another active travel mode on everyday journeys and increase cycling modal share

The projects identified under the community links programme include:

  • Design Feasibility Package - Blackburn to Bathgate Corridor
  • Design Feasibility Package - Stoneyburn Links
  • A706/B7066 - Whitdale Roundabout to Boghead Roundabout
  • A706/B7066 - Whitdale Roundabout Connection
  • B7066 Harthill to Heartlands - (Completed January 2019)
  • B7066 Heartlands to Whitdale Roundabout
  • Whitburn Town Walk Improvements
  • Design Feasibility Package - Bathgate Rail Station Active Travel Links
  • Fauldhouse to Longridge - Provision of Cyclepath

Projects under construction:

Houstoun Road at Houstoun Industrial Estate, Livingston
  • Installation of traffic signals at junction of Houstoun Road/Grange Road/Nettlehill Road
George Street, Bathgate - Public Realm Improvements
  • Improvement works to extend the granite paving from the Steelyard to North Bridge Street and replace the street furniture are progressing and is due to be completed by 24 November 2017
Primary School Playgrounds
  • A programme of works to resurface primary school playgrounds across West Lothian has been ongoing since 2008.  The programme is now in its final stages with works being undertaken this year for the following schools:
    • Works at Deans, East Calder, Knightsridge, Riverside and Parkhead primary schools are now complete.
    • Works at Armadale, Balbardie and primary schools have commenced
    • Works at Our Lady's Stoneyburn, Seafield, St Joseph's Whitburn, St Nicholas Broxburn and Westfield primary schools are programmed to be completed later in the year

Projects programmed to commence

Work on the following projects has been programmed to commence.

  • U7 Rural Avonbridge/Westfield from C8 Junction to county boundary - Carriageway resurfacing works requiring a road closure which is scheduled to take place between 26 November and 21 December
  • A70 from B7008 Harburn Road junction east to county boundary - Carriageway patching requiring a road closure. Works are scheduled to take place between 19 November and 2 December
  • Caputhall Road, Deans, Livingston - Carriageway Patching requiring a road closure. Works are scheduled to take place between 3 December 2018 and 25 January 2019
  • Blackridge - Footway work
  • Crosshill Drive, Bathgate - Carriageway patching/resurfacing
  • Longridge - Footway works
  • U15 Beecraigs Area - Carriageway resurfacing
  • U32 Leyden Road - Carriageway patching/resurfacing
  • Ladywell East Road at Knightsridge East Road - Kerb realignment
  • Knightsridge East Road, Livingston - Carriageway patching / resurfacing
  • A899 Livingston Road, Livingston - Carriageway patching on the northbound carriageway
  • Livingston East Roundabout and Dechmont Roundabout

Projects being designed

Carriageway Works

Carriageway resurfacing works will be carried out later this year on the following list of roads.  It is anticipated that road closures will be required during the works to ensure the safety of the workforce and the public.  Details of the road closure required at each location will be provided on the council's website prior to works commencing.

  • A71 - From B7015 Junction to Wilkieston - Carriageway Patching requiring temporary traffic lights and potential speed limit reduction
  • Starlaw East Roundabout - Carriageway resurfacing of the roundabout which will require a road closure

Carriageway patching works will be carried out later this financial year on the following roads in preparation to surface dressing works which will be undertaken next year.

  • C7 Rural Armadale/Avonbridge
  • C8 Rural Blackridge/Avonbridge
  • C14 Rural Armadale
  • C28 Baad's Mill Road

Footway Works

Footway resurfacing work has been identified in the following areas for construction later this year.

  • Boghall
  • Houston Industrial Estate

Other Projects

Detailed design work has commenced on the following projects for construction later this year.

  • A71 at West Calder High School - Provision of a puffin crossing
  • A899 West Main Street, Broxburn - Junction improvements
  • Cappers Bridge, Armadale - Pedestrian/cycle improvements
  • Campus Roundabout, Livingston - Carriageway resurfacing
  • Fauldhouse to Longridge - Provision of cyclepath
  • Main Street, Blackridge - Provision of a puffin crossing
  • Main Street, Longridge - Provision of a puffin crossing
  • Meadowhead Terrace, Addiewell - Provision of steps from the C28 Addiewell Hill
  • Westwood View, West Calder - Footway provision

Contact information

If you would like any further information to discuss any of these proposals, contact by email or telephone 01506 776668.