Community safety

Updated 18 May 2020

The Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) are continuing to engage and provide advice and assistance via telephone/email,  to those who are experiencing neighbour nuisance. The majority of incidents  being reported are more low level neighbour nuisance than severe Anti-Social Behaviour incidents, however appropriate warning letters have been issued to  those perpetrators where the behaviour is found to be unacceptable.

However, it is not practically possible at this time to progress any formal legal/court actions. Only the most extreme examples of criminal behaviour or police led investigations will make it to court.

SNT will continue to log reports of neighbour nuisance  and assist  complainants as best they can. To report incidents call 01506 280000 or email 

Any community concerns regarding breaching of social distancing measures or serious anti-social behaviour in the first instance, should be directed to Police Scotland by contacting 101 and the SNT will continue to work in partnership with our Community Safety Partners.