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About Environmental Health and Trading Standards

Mission Statement

Our aim is to protect and enhance the health, welfare, environment, safety and trading market places of the people of West Lothian and those using the services obtained from within West Lothian.

Requesting a service / customer confidentiality

If you require assistance from environmental health or trading standards please use any of the methods of contact detailed on this page. We appreciate that a number of people may be concerned about making requests for the service to investigate complaints about another individual or business operation in case their details are passed on. It is not council policy to provide details of those requesting assistance to any other party as part of a routine investigation. For more information please see pdf icon our information sheet [102kb].

Environmental Health does not accept anonymous requests for service or notifications of concern. These do not allow us to get more information, confirm how reliable the information or source of information is, or update the person raising the concern.

Trading Standards accepts anonymous information.

Information is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. (There may be specific situations in legal procedures where such information will be required e.g. court action etc.) It is our policy to retain information on individuals making requests for service, or complaints about the service for the purpose of internal management and delivery of statutory duties. Information is retained for appropriate periods of time in accordance with statutory requirements and internal retention policies.

Fees and Charges

Environmental Health & Trading Standards charge for various services. The pdf icon Fees and charges for 2017/18 [144kb]  apply from 1 April 2017.

Formal Enforcement Action

We always try to solve problems. We will therefore usually try hard to resolve matters informally before resorting to using our legal powers. Our pdf icon Enforcement Policy [179kb] gives information on how, when and why we will take formal action using our legal powers.