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The CTC is a national organisation which was formed over 125 years ago. It has Member Groups in all parts of the UK. The Lothian and Borders Member Group, includes the West Lothian area. We have a Livingston and West Lothian section.

Newcomers: We always welcome newcomers. You do not need to be a member of CTC to join our runs as we can take up to 5 non-members on any ride. After you have been out on 4 or 5 runs you would be expected to join the CTC. You can join through the CTC website: Cycling UK When you ride with the CTC you do three things simultaneously, keep fit, socialise and travel. Members are from all age groups and walks of life and many types of bikes are used. Our Edinburgh group organises rides, every Saturday, Wednesday, and 3 Sundays per month mainly on quiet roads in Lothian, Borders and Fife, usually start in Edinburgh. The run leader may be able to say where to meet for lunch. 

Contact Details

Phone: 07702-793553 

Further info: Donald Urquhart (secretary)


Website: Cycling UK