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Arts Development

Community Arts contributes to the wellbeing and lifelong learning of the people of West Lothian by providing opportunities to participate in the arts.

Visual Arts Painted Apple
Visual Arts Painted Apple
The arts development team works to ensure that everyone in West Lothian has the opportunity to experience the social, economic, educational, environmental, health and creative benefits of the arts.   

The team of arts officers is responsible for managing a  programme of arts activities in the community and in West Lothian schools.  These activities are designed to encourage participation in the arts among the widest possible range of people and also target individuals and communities who may be less likely to participate due to physical, social or economic barriers. 

The team is also responsible for ensuring that the two West Lothian venues, Linlithgow Burgh Halls and Howden Park Centre in Livingston, have a busy and varied programme of performances, classes, workshops and exhibitions, packed with arts and entertainment for all the family.