Burials in West Lothian Cemeteries

In light of the announcements by national government regarding measures to reduce / minimise social contacts and specifically in relation to burials in Cemeteries, the following measures have been implemented in West Lothian:

  • Interments only will be permitted by the graveside and these are limited to 20 minutes duration and will be led by clergy, celebrants etc.
  • Only immediate family members or close friends should attend funerals and they should adhere to social distancing measures throughout the burial.
  • We ask that the family member arranging the funeral does not pass on the date and time of the funeral to other family and friends, to ensure the numbers attending are a very small group.
  • Families should remain at least 10m from the hearse and the graveside to allow the cemetery staff and funeral directors to lower the coffin ahead of the family members being invited forward, this will reduce the exposure of staff to funeral parties and allow staff to clear the area before this happens. This will be coordinated by cemetery staff and the funeral directors.
  • Families will not be permitted to lower coffins into the grave.

We appreciate that this is a challenging time for everyone and we ask for your support and cooperation during this difficult time.

We hope these measures help to keep our staff, you and the wider community safe.

National guidance is available from the Scottish Government.