Update to SQA Arrangements for 2019/20 Session

Across our schools we are working together to ensure that our young people get recognition for their hard work and receive the qualifications they deserve. We have robust systems in place to gather the necessary evidence for submission of estimates.

Update from Head of Education (Curriculum, Quality Improvement & Performance) - 21.04.2020

Further to the information provided before the Easter holidays, I would like to continue to reassure you that across all of our schools, we are working to ensure that our young people get recognition for their hard work and receive the qualifications they deserve.

The SQA provided a further update on Monday 20th April on how schools will determine estimate grades and the support that SQA will put in place to ensure that this is a fair process, which safeguards the integrity of the qualifications process.

Please be assured that our teachers have worked with our young people for a significant period of time and know them well. Every school in West Lothian has robust tracking and monitoring procedures and will draw on a wide range of learning evidence in order to make an accurate professional judgement of what they are capable of achieving. This analysis will allow teachers, departments and schools to arrive at an estimated grade which best reflects the work and the progress your child has made.

West Lothian will work closely with schools, departments and teachers to provide all the necessary information to support our staff in making these estimates.

I again ask you for your continued cooperation and support in this process and not to contact schools for these estimates. Results will still be issued to young people by 4th August. We continue to strongly encourage all young people to sign-up to MySQA, the online and text service, as a direct way to receive their results.

The SQA have also committed to further support through the post results service, which this year will be an appeal process. Further information is available for learners, parents and carers in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the SQA website.

While I accept that this whole process is very different to the normal exam diet, I am confident that by working in close partnership with SQA and across schools, the hard work of West Lothian's young people will be properly recognised and accredited.

Please note: - Monday 4th May is a school holiday and Tuesday 5th May in an in-set day. These will not be formal learning days.

Update from Head of Education (Curriculum, Quality Improvement & Performance) - 23.03.2020

SQA have provided an update on arrangements for young people completing courses in Session 2019/20:

This link also includes guidance for learners, parents and carers. 

Some key points to note are:

  • SQA are asking schools and colleges across the country to use their professional judgement, and knowledge of young people's work, to make an estimate of the grade. This will be based on learners' skills, knowledge and understanding for each course at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.
  • For students accessing college, relevant evidence will be used for a wide range of courses and Awards.
  • SQA is in regular discussion with UCAS (the University and College Admission Service), Colleges Scotland, and Universities Scotland, who are fully aware of the situation and will help learners to progress on to the next stage of their education or employment. We are also in close discussion with Skills Development Scotland, to ensure employers and their representatives are kept aware of the decisions being made.
  • Staff at SQA are working hard to ensure learners will receive their results no later than Tuesday 4th August.
  • Further details of the 'Appeals process' will be communicated as it becomes available.
  • We also recommend that learners sign-up to MySQA to receive their results by text and/or email. Any learner who has previously signed up to receive their results through MySQA will continue to do so, and we recommend that those learners review their profile to make sure their contact details are up to date.

We will provide you with further information following the next update from SQA on 21st April.