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Chi Kung and Tai Chi Classes - Howden, Livingston

Yang Tai Chi Classes. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese gentle exercise system, which helps improve flexibility and mobility in the muscles and joints. It can also increase circulation, lymphatic flow, aid digestion and improve the efficiency of heart and lungs. Tai Chi is suitable for all age groups and is usually practiced for health reasons - both preventing and helping cure stress related illnesses. Also Shaolin; self defence, confidence, self discipline and promotes general health.

Phone: 01506 492391 

Address: Classes at Toronto Primary School, Howden, Livingston. 


  • Tai Chi : 7.00pm - 9.00pm Thursday. £16.00 per 4 week block.
  • Shaolin & Tai Chi on a Tuesday: 7.00pm - 9.00pm. £16.00 per 4 week block (includes weapons training) 

Fees: £20.00 a month. 

Eligibility: Anyone seeking relaxation, or relief from stress related illnesses. Also self-defence, self confidence and self discipline. 

Further info: Mark Raeburn - 01506 492391