Coronavirus - Financial Advice and Support

Many people are worried about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on their finances. If you are concerned about work, benefits, managing your rent or mortgage, keeping on top of debt or simply making ends meet, this simple guide can help you to access support available in your circumstances.

In times of unexpected crisis, it is natural to worry about money. If you are concerned about loss of income there are steps you can take to help you to prepare. 

Step 1

Consider your income and outgoings. This can seem overwhelming, particularly when you are worried about money, but our simple, easy to understand online budgeting tool can help you to quickly and easily take stock of your expenses and look for ways to save money. 

Step 2

Check your entitlement to social security benefits and other financial support. You can use our easy to follow online benefit calculator to check what you might be entitled to. Click on each of the sections below to find out about the help and support available if you are worried about work, benefits, rent, mortgage, Council Tax or making ends meet. 

Worried about work?

Worried about your benefits?

Worried about your rent or mortgage?

Worried about your Council Tax?

Worried about debt

Worried about making ends meet?

Download this handy Icon for pdf desktop guide [253.47KB] or take a look at our flowchart to determine what financial help may available to you (click to enlarge)




For further advice and support, you can contact the Advice Shop. Email or phone 01506 283000 to speak to an adviser about your options.