Recycling and Waste Updates

As part of our response to COVID-19, there may be some disruption and delay to waste/recycling collection services.

We have been actively training staff from other areas within the council to support the bin collection teams. An additional 45 staff have been through all of the mandatory safety training for operating our vehicles and are ready to help deliver this key service.

Bin Collection Services - Grey, Blue & Brown - Continue

Cleaning And Disposal of Waste If You Are Self-Isolating

Recycling Centres - Amended Service

Clothing Recycling Banks and Other Recycling Bring Sites (Excluding Glass) - Remain Closed

Bulky Waste Collections - Continue

Assessments for Additional Red Top Bins and the Take Out Service - Altered

Bin Deliveries (Grey, Blue & Brown) - Continue

Take Out Service (for those already receiving this service) - Continue

Waste Awareness Activities & Lending Equipment - Suspended

Street Parking


General Updates and Collection Information - Live

Excess Waste

Non-Council Businesses Offering Waste Services

Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19

Kerbside Collections

Can I leave extra black bags beside my bin for collection?

Can I throw black bags into the back of the bin lorry myself if the crew won't lift them?

I've heard other Councils, such as Falkirk, are collecting black bags beside the bins. Why isn't West Lothian?

If the bin crews empty my grey bin, can I refill it and ask them to empty it again?

Why can't West Lothian Council collect the rubbish bins more often like once a week instead of fortnightly?

What do I do with the extra waste I have?

Won't an accumulation of household waste cause vermin and other health risks?

How can the bin crews comply with social distancing measures if they are all working together?

Why is there a shortage of bin crews if staff have been redeployed from recycling centres and other services.

I assume staff that already worked in Waste are still working for Waste so why can't they increase collections?

Recycling Centres

What are the opening hours?

What will happen when I arrive at the recycling centre?

What can I take to the recycling centre?

Where will I put my waste in the recycling centre?

What is bagged waste?

Will someone help me to put my waste in the skip?

What waste can't I take to the recycling centre?

Why can't I take these items to the recycling centre?

How many times can you visit the recycling centre?

Are commercial vehicles with permits allowed on the site?

Why are a limited number of cars allowed on site at any one time?

Will restricting access not cause long queues and traffic jams?

Can I take clothes to the recycling centre?

Why do we normally have to separate the waste but now you can operate two skips?

Will my waste still be recycled even though it's all in the same skip?