Blackburn Children's Gala Procession - Road Closures and Parking Suspensions (Saturday 13 Jun)

Various road closures, police stop and hold and parking suspensions will be in place for the gala procession.

Closures and Suspensions as follows:

  1. Road Closure (From 08.30am): Ash Grove. From the junction of Elm Grove westwards to approximately 70 metres east of the junction with Bathgate Road (B792).
  2. Stop and Hold for procession at 11.30am: Ash Grove, Bathgate Road, Riddochhill Road, Ladeside Avenue, Ladeside Road, Mosside Road, Rowan Street, Rowan Drive, Elm Grove..
  3. Parking suspension : Riddochill Road, Ladeside Road, Ladeside Avenue, Mill Road, Mosside Road, Rowan Street, Rowan Drive, Elm Grove.
  • The restrictions will be in place from 8am until 1.30pm on Saturday 13 June


  1. Road closure - Elm Grove, Rowan Drive, Rowan Street, Mosside Road Bathgate Road, Ash Grove and Vice Versa.
  2. Stop and Hold - As directed by Police Scotland.

Map of closures and diversions

Blackburn Gala