B8084 Armadale/Whitburn - Road Closure/Speed Restriction/Parking Suspension (Monday 23 Mar)

The B8084 between Armadale and Whitburn will be closed whilst various other restrictions will be in place to facilitate the construction of a new cycle path and traffic island.

The closure and restrictions will be as follows:

Road closure:

  • B8084 between Whitdale Roundabout and Southdale Avenue.

Footway closures:

  • East footway on Whitdale Roundabout, from A706 Armadale Road to B8084
  • East footway / verge on Southdale Avenue from Southdale Way to cycle path north of rail bridge

Speed restriction to 30 mph:

  • B8084 between Whitdale Roundabout and Southdale Avenue
  • A706 Armadale Road from B7066 to B8084, including Whitdale Roundabout and then north-eastwards for 130m along the A706 towards Boghead Roundabout.

Parking restrictions:

  • Southdale Way, both sides full length.

Note: the road closure will only be for a short time during the duration of the work and is still to be agreed with the contractor.

  • The footpath closure and restrictions will take place between 8am on Monday 23 March and 6pm on Sunday 6 September
  • The road closure will take place between Monday 3 August and Wednesday 19 August

Map of closure and diversion