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Callanetics - Linlithgow

Lose 10 inches in 10 weeks. Callanetics is a unique, non-impact exercise programme which combines slow, precise movements with tiny, intense pulses to give an all over body workout. This combination of isolating small muscle groups combined with tiny yet powerful movements, cause the muscles to work at a deep level giving toning and results that you can feel and see within hours rather than weeks.

You will increase your strength, flexibility and overall posture giving a longer, leaner body - while at the same time protecting your back and knees. Flatten your stomach, lift and tighten your behind, reduce your hip size, reshape your thighs, firm your underarms, smooth out cellulite, boost your posture and feel fantastic. Individual and corporate consultations are also available.

Phone: 07949 319 375

Address: Cross House  Linlithgow.

Times: Various times

Fees: £55 for 6 classes (Linlithgow)

Eligibility: Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Further info and to book a class contact: Kay 07949 319 375