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Community Waste Awareness

Information on roadshows and events throughout West Lothian

Community Awareness

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The Waste Team attends free, local roadshows and events throughout West Lothian.  The roadshows and events provide waste minimisation and recycling information for residents. Information Leaflets and fun activities for children are available to residents as well as recycling questionnaires to gather public feedback on West Lothian recycling services.

We are on hand to answer questions and discuss the following recycling services:

Please join the West Lothian Council Facebook and Twitter pages for up to date information.

Community Waste Talks

Talks are available to community groups to discuss waste minimisation and recycling topics and the recycling services provided by West Lothian Council. Topics covered include:

  • What can be recycled in West Lothian
  • What happens to recycled materials once West Lothian Council collects it
  • Waste and recycling legislation

Each talk can be tailored to suit your group's time and information requirements. The Waste Team can travel to your group and provide all presentation equipment and information.

Information leaflets

A range of leaflets are currently being developed to provide residents with information about the recycling services available in West Lothian. Please download the electronic versions below.

Previous Activities

Joanne joined the Bathgate Brownies and Rainbows for some fun Reduce, Reuse, Recycle activities. The recycling bean bag game was a firm favourite and everyone enjoyed reusing newspaper to make paper pots to plant seeds. The food waste games encouraged everyone to think about the food they throw out at home and 'goodie bags' containing recycled products were given to every Brownie and Rainbow.