Anderson Avenue and Harestanes Road, Armadale - Road Closure (Tuesday 7 Jan)

Anderson Avenue will be closed from the junction with Anderson Court, south-westwards to the junction with Upper Bathville and Harestanes Road for its full length will be closed on a phased basis for maintenance of Scottish Water network.

  • The closure will be in place from 8am on Tuesday 7 January until 6pm on Tuesday 3 March

Diversion via:

Harestanes Road (phase 1): No diversion route exists, although resident access will be maintained/controlled by site staff

Harestanes Road (phase 2): Brown Street, Station Road, Anderson Avenue

Anderson Avenue: Harestanes Road, Brown Street, Station Road

NB. Closures will be applied on a phased basis as works proceed. Both streets will not be subject to closure at the same time.

Map of closure and diversion

Phase 1

Anderson Avenue and Harestanes Road - Phase 1

Phase 2 

Anderson Avenue and Harestanes Road - Phase 2

Phase 3

Anderson Avenue and Harestanes Road - Phase 3