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Results UK (Linlithgow)

Campaigns on behalf of the very poor in the Developing World by lobbying the World's Decision Makers.

Concerns which we major on are:

  1. Micro Finance Facilities , including crop insurance for subsistence farmers, particularly Micro Crop Insurance to protect poor farmers from loss caused by Climate Change. Other "targets" for 2016 include  Nutrition, in the run up to the UN Summit on this subject, taking place in Rio at the same time as the Olympic Games, and the question of replenishing the Global Fund for HIV/TB and Malaria which comes up for negotiation in Aug 2016 
  2. Education for All , particularly for those in conflict areas and those with disabilities,
  3. Treatable but under funded diseases like Tuberculosis - a major killer among HIV victims, and
  4. Provision of Water and sanitation where these do not exist.

We meet in members' houses on the first Tuesday of every month, starting at 7.30pm - venues are announced in the local press. The meetings take the form of a telephone conference with other groups in the UK wide Network. Excellent notes are provided before each meeting, the notes call for action - contacting one's MP, MEP, Local Media and International Organisations. A guest speaker adds to the information on the topic of the month. Results is an International Organisation - having similar networks in US, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia. and Mexico. 

Phone: 01506 842646 

Address: C/O 26 Friars Brae, Linlithgow. 

Times: First Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. 

Fees: Partners, suggested £5.00 per month, Participants by voluntary donation. 

Eligibility: Anyone interested in Peace and Justice for the 3rd World. 

Further info: 26 Friars Brae, Linlithgow. 01506 842646. 


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