What is accepted at recycling centres

Information on taking items to your recycling centre and what is and isn't accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE -  For the safety of yourself and others at recycling centres, bins and waste should not be tipped from the back of vans. Bins should also not be taken up any stairs. This is to prevent users falling off vehicles, into skips or down the stairs.

West Lothian Recycling Centre Information Guide:

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For more information on Recycling Centre rules, please see

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Downloadable list of the materials accepted at Recycling Centres

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Recycling centres accept a wide range of items, however in some cases there are certain restrictions. Please read the information below for details of what can be taken to our sites.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- Because of the dangers from asbestos if it is disturbed or broken, there are strict laws on transporting and disposing of asbestos. Householders cannot take it to West Lothian Recycling Centres. A specialist contractor will be needed to remove, transport and dispose of asbestos. For more advice, please visit: Asbestos Information

ItemsFurther Information
BatteriesCar batteries (from householders only), household batteries including rechargeable batteries and lithium ion batteries.
BikesAll pedal bikes.
BooksAny unwanted books.
CansAluminium and steel food and drink cans.
CD's and DVD'sMusic and film CD's and DVD's
Charity Textiles and ClothingClothes, paired Shoes, household textiles (sheets, towels, blankets, curtains), handbags and belts.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Ask for assistance for all accepted small appliances.

Hairdryers, irons, vacuum cleaners, kettles, tools (drills, electric saws etc), games consoles.

Computers and phone equipment.  Please Note: It is the responsibility of the owner/householder to ensure that any personal information/images have been removed from hard drives or that hard drives have been destroyed prior to bringing them to our recycling centres.

Fluorescent/energy saving tubes and bulbsTake care not to break tubes. If the tube is broken please double-bag it.
Garden Waste

Please place loose soil in separate skips provided.

Flowers and plants, garden weeds, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, leaves and bark, small branches and twigs, cut flowers.

Gas bottlesPlease take to storage cage and ask for assistance. Please note: Acetylene and commercial CO2 gas bottles are not accepted.
Glass bottles and jarsSeparate glass banks for clear, green and brown glass.
Large electrical appliances

Ask at the depot for all accepted small appliances

Cookers, microwaves, washing machines and tumble driers, dishwashers, TV's and monitors, fridge/freezers. Only fridges and freezers that are empty can be accepted.

Mineral engine oilOnly used mineral engine oil.
Non-recyclable materials (Landfill Waste)Materials that cannot be recycled using either kerbside recycling service, bring sites or other skips at recycling centres (such as: nappies, sanitary towels, carpets, mattresses, used napkins, toothpaste tubes, polystyrene, bubble wrap, plastic film, crisp and sweet packets, food contaminated packaging e.g. greasy pizza boxes, unwashed plastic food containers, used tissues).
Plastic bottles, trays and tubsWe accept all clean and empty plastic bottles, trays and tubs.
Paper and cardboardNewspaper and magazines, brochures and catalogues, junk mail, telephone directories - including Yellow Pages, cardboard based food and drinks cartons (Tetra Pak), card food packaging, cereal boxes, kitchen and toilet roll tubes, washing powder boxes (Not Accepted: used tissues, kitchen roll or toilet roll).
Rubble and bricksBricks, stone and slabs (no ceramics or tiles).
Scrap metalAll types of metal.
SoilOnly clean soil will be accepted i.e. soil excluding cardboard, ceramics, paper, plastic and wood.
ToolsOnly garden tools and hand tools are accepted.  These include rakes, spades, forks, hoes, shovels, trowels and shears.  Electric power and workshop tools should be deposited with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
TyresNo longer accepted.
WoodChipboard and hardboard, fencing, plywood, window frames (glass removed), solid wood doors, pallets, solid wood furniture, solid untreated wood and timber.