Information on using recycling centres

Important information on who can use recycling centres in West Lothian

Only West Lothian residents can use our recycling centres 

  • Residents are asked to bring along valid ID* when they visit the recycling centres. 

Commercial, business or trade waste at Recycling Centres  

  • Local West Lothian businesses can dispose of key materials at recycling centres free of charge, providing they have a Business Recycling Access Pass. Please see Trade Waste at Recycling Centres for more information on using our recycling centres to dispose of trade waste.

Local residents using a hired or liveried vehicle can use recycling centres 

  • Local residents hiring a van will need to bring along a copy of their hire agreement and valid ID* when they visit the recycling centres. 
  • If you want to use a liveried vehicle to dispose of non-commercial waste you can apply for a residential permit. Please visit Residential Permits for Recycling Centres for full details.

Check in advance to see if you are affected 

  • All West Lothian residents should still be able to use our recycling centres for household waste if they follow the guidelines above. 
  • Staff can refuse access to anyone who has not followed the guidelines. 

If you require further information please call 01506 280000 or alternatively visit Residential Permits for Recycling Centres.

*Valid ID can be either a current driving licence or passport and recent council tax or utility bill