The Gas Safety Guy

Contact Details

The Gas Safety Guy
22 Oldwood Place

Tel: 07585 320 691

Website: The Gas Safety Guy

Review and Feedback

Number of ratings:20Average satisfaction score (out of 10):9.9

The following table shows average customer satisfaction scores out of 10:

Customer SatisfactionAverage out of 10 (10 being best)
Value for Money 9.8
Quality of Work10
Did the Trader...YesNoN/A
Explain all the costs?95%0%5%
Give an estimate or quotation at the start of the job?95%0%5%
Keep you informed of any changes?90%0%10%
Give you a receipt or invoice at the end of the job?100%0%0%
Would you recommend this trader to a friend?100%

Once you have entered into a contract with a trader:

  • Ensure you are given a feedback form before the work begins
  • On completion of the job, fill in the form and return it to West Lothian Trading Standards or alternatively, complete an online feedback form.
  • When we receive your feedback, we will add your comments and scoring to previous feedback. This will assist other consumers when making an informed choice about the trader.