Your View Counts - Police Scotland Consultation

Local Policing Consultation Police Scotland consults with the public every year on what their priorities are for policing in their community.

Everyone's views across Scotland will be taken on board at a national and local level. Police Scotland want you to help them focus on the priorities that will help communities most. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to local policing and all the needs and wants of individual communities will be considered.

Police Scotland's public consultation is being hosted on a digital platform. This allows them to reach a much wider audience than ever before ensuring that everyone can have their say. 

The online consultation is open all year which allows you to take part when it suits you but also gives the flexibility of being able to re-submit the consultation if your priorities change.

It's a very simple process that should only take a few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.

Police Scotland will keep you updated on their  quarterly  results. The consultation will be a completely transparent process as it's all about your priorities.