Historic Sites and Buildings

Experience West Lothian's rich heritage by visiting some of its historic sites.

Calder Hall thumbnail

For information about these and many more historic buildings and sites, visit the Local History Library in the Dalyell Suite at the new Linlithgow Partnership Centre. There you will find thousands of books, photos and maps about sites of interest, their archaeology, architecture, history and associations.



The archaeology of West Lothian is rich and varied. It ranges from prehistoric sites to 20th century industrial sites.

For information on archaeological sites, contact the West of Scotland Archaeology Service:

Tel. 0141 287 8330

Email: enquiries@wosas.glasgow.gov.uk

For information on all historic buildings and sites in West Lothian, search the Canmore website, part of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS).

Cemeteries and churchyards

If you have an enquiry relating to burials after 1855, you should contact the Council's Cemeteries Service.

If you have an enquiry relating to burials before 1855, contact the Local History Library.