West Lothian Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23

The West Lothian Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23 is being delivered as part of the Place Based Investment Programme which provides local government with a share of £140M over 5 years to support and advance place-based capital investment and build on the strong partnership currently existing through the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF).

At the Council Executive on 8 February 2022 it was agreed that West Lothian's approach to the Place Based Investment Programme  would split the fund 50:50, with £500,000 going towards Community Wealth Building Capital Projects (for more information please visit the Place Based Investment Programme webpage), and £500,000 for the Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23.

Projects must be supported by or have been identified by their local community, as well as be ready to implement. There is no minimum project value nor any restriction placed on the number of application bids submitted. However, given the limited size of the overall fund available, see below, applicants are requested to be realistic with their applications and combined value of grant requests.

It must be clearly demonstrated that significant expenditure will be incurred by the particular individual project to allow for the West Lothian Town Centre Capital Funds to be drawn down in full in the 2022-23 financial year.

The grant is for capital expenditure, and it is expected that expenditure will be met, or at least work or contracts signed or commenced, by 31 March 2023.

The funding (subject to budget confirmation) is being made available along similar lines to the earlier West Lothian Town Centre Capital Funds in 2019-20 and 2020-21. As such the grant will be available to each community with 1,000 people or more, 50% of funding based on the number of towns (i.e. an equal split) and 50% based on the scale of population. The allocation to the 23 communities is set out below

Support in Developing Applications

Appendix 1 of the the Town Centre Capital Fund 2022-23 Guidance provides Additional information that should help you complete the application form. However, before applying you are strongly advised to contact the relevant Ward Officer from Economic Development and Regeneration or email the team mailbox at (regenerationteam@westlothian.gov.uk) to discuss your project in more detail in the first instance. This will be important both in terms of the eligibility of you project but also to identify key contacts that may be vital to the delivery of your work. For example, to identify planning related matters, leases, land ownership, roads/signage matters etc. as well as the ongoing maintenance and insurance matters that are likely to apply.   Their contact details can be found in the guidance which, along with the application form, can be downloaded below.

How to apply

Applicants must complete the Icon for word application form [62.84KB] and submit this by 5pm on Friday 22 April 2022 along with any supporting information to regenerationteam@westlothian.gov.uk

A separate application form should be completed for each project. There is no requirement for hand signed or hard copies. Eligibility criteria and other key information can be found in the  Icon for pdf application guidance. [169.64KB]

All applications will be considered by the relevant Local Area Committee. If there should be any unallocated funding from the Local Area Committee, then this will be reported back to the Council Executive to determine how to spend this across the whole Council area.

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