Arts & Wellbeing

Community Arts strongly believes that the arts have an important part to play in improving the health and wellbeing of the people of West Lothian.

Arts and WellbeingWe work in partnership with other Council services and external organisations and agencies to provide a targeted programme of arts activity which creates opportunities for positive personal and community change through participation in the arts.  

Community Arts works with groups in the community to develop projects that enhance confidence, reduce isolation and increase wellbeing, such as an intergenerational group working with a street artist to paint their local underpass or young homeless people participating in ballroom dancing.  Our Arts and Wellbeing programme strongly links government and NHS health initiatives.

"There is evidence on the impact of the arts on increasing self-esteem and self-worth and in reducing symptoms of common mental health problems.  Arts and creativity have also been shown as a resource for promoting social inclusion."        A Sense of Belonging: A joint strategy for improving mental health and wellbeing of Lothian's population.