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Report Traffic Light and other Road Sign Issues

How to report issues with traffic lights and other road signs including emergencies.

Should you wish to report this issue anonymously, please call our Contact Centre on 01506 280000 

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Traffic Light Emergencies

We are required to respond to Traffic Light emergencies within four hours but aim to respond within two hours.

What can be considered an emergency?

  • If the metal panel on the front of the signal pole/ control cabinet is off and the wires are showing.
  • If someone has crashed into a signal pole/control cabinet or it is leaning over.
  • If a signal hood or sensor is hanging down.
  • Damaged underground or overhead cables.
  • Any part of an installation is burning.
  • Any report of electric shock.
  • Signals all dark or stuck in one phase.
  • All signals at junctions are remotely monitored within the Traffic & Road Safety Team and any problems can be checked immediately.
Service Standards

We will:

  • Repair defective traffic lights within 48 hours of notification. Should the fault lie with the supply from Scottish Power, we will inform them of the fault and monitor the fault until it is resolved.
  • Provide an effective emergency response service within 4 hours of notification.