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Care & Repair West Lothian

Organisation Details

Client GroupOther (please specify) 
Other ClientsPeople over 60, with no other able adults in the house.
Any ExclusionsN/A
Geographical Areas CoveredAll West Lothian 
Opening HoursMon-Fri 09.00 - 17.00
Access to the ServiceDirect/Self Referral 
Standard Referral FormYes
Physical BarriersN/A
Capacity to Take New ClientsYes 
Waiting List/Waiting TimeDepending on repair
Other AccessReferral from Social work, OT's Professional people


Advice and Information

Advice Topics CoveredInformation Covered
Disrepair - PrivateCasework 
Disrepair - Public SectorN/A
Disrepair - RSLs*N/A
Housing BenefitN/A
Housing Options - Local AuthorityN/A
Housing Options - MobilityN/A
Housing Options - OwnersCasework
Housing Options - Private RentedCasework
Housing Options - RSLs*N/A
Housing Related MoneyN/A
Mortgage ArrearsN/A
Relationship BreakdownCasework
Rent ArrearsN/A
Repair and ImprovementN/A
Security - Local AuthorityN/A
Security - PrivateN/A

*Registered Social Landlords